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You were sitting with your boyfriend Wesley, his brother Keaton and friend Drew at The X Factor. They were a group called Emblem3, and they were waiting to audition. Wesley’s leg was bouncing up and down out of anxiety and Keaton and Drew were fidgeting. 

"Guys don’t be nervous. You’re incredible. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve known you guys all my life. Sunset Blvd. is a sick song and the judges are gonna love you. I know it." you reassured them. 

"Thanks babe. As long as I got you here with me it’s okay." he said smiling and pecking you on the cheek. 

Suddenly a young boy who looks about Wesley’s age sits down next to you. Wesley immediately tenses up, and you squeeze his hand gently letting him know that the boy is no one to you and that it is only him that you loved. But then the boy begins talking to you. You just nod and ignore him, trying to get him to leave you alone. But the boy doesn’t get your message. Wesley just keeps shooting him dirty looks (GIF) until the boy sees Wesley’s warning looks and walks away without a word. 

"No one tries to steal my girl." Wesley murmured to you. 

You giggled and rested your head on Wesley’s shoulder, thinking of just how lucky you are to have Wesley to call yours. 

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